Who We Are
     As with most successful organizations, our success is due mostly to our people and our vision. We are not large, but our people are large in heart, determination, spirit, love, and service.
     We are guided by a small, elected group of our congregation called the Session. We currently have a varying rotation of qualified people who bring God's word to us each Sunday. We have two Sunday School adult classes.  Our pianist, with the occasional help of our former organist, provides beautiful music for our congregational singing. Our church office is once again open  four days a week, except for holidays and when the church secretary is not available due to sickness, vacation, or personal committments.

 Our Preachers 
       Currently, we are blessed to have not one, but two highly qualified and well-liked pastors rotating in our pulpit--Rev. Dr. C.K. Moore and Rev. Dr. Josh Maddin.

                             At right, Rev. Maddin emphasizes a point during one of his sermons.                                                                                                     


Our Pianist / Organist                                                                                                                      David Vergara is a graduate of Texas A&M-Commerce and is originally from  Columbia.  


Our Church Secretary

      Roger McKenzie puts his skills from over 30 years in journalism to good use each week working on the church bulletin, its newsletters, and this website.  He lives with his wife Carole and their dachshund Gretchen in Greenville.

Assistant Church Secretary
      Arlene Allen joined the FPC staff in 2024 as an assistant and backup for Roger on the church bulletin, its newsletters, bulletin boards and displays, and this website.  She is a member of FPC-Commerce and resides here as well.